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Chocolate Factory | Fort George | Concord waterfall | Grand Etang lake

Duration: 4 – 5 hours

 If you are a business traveler with limited time to explore the island; this tour might  suit you best. It incorporates three historic parishes: St. George, St. John and St. Andrew. While it may seem as a brief tour the elements within the experience is a detailed one. In the capital, House of Chocolate showcases the island’s local confectionery which is a taste of Grenada’s Chocolate from the rich cultivated cocoa farms. Guests are allowed to view the products and ask questions about the products. These chocolate products carry a very high percentage of cocoa. Some carry as much as 70 percent cocoa. Depending on the traffic, the next site is a mere 2 minutes away to Fort George. On Fort George, you would see the ruins of a rich history. This site held the early settlers’ cannon defense from incoming battleships. The panoramic view of the harbor, the picturesque Town of St. George is second to none. Let’s head to St. John to visit the Concord waterfall. You can jump in if you don’t mind; the water is uncontaminated. It is collected by our mountainous rainforests, then flows down the rivers to the waterfall. It is a beautiful site! On the eastern side of Concord waterfall is Grand Etang lake in the parish of St. Andrew. Grand Etang is a dense rainforest; it is responsible for attracting large portions of rain to the island. Other experiences at Grand Etang are the lake and the Mona Monkey. A rare species that is only found here in Grenada and in Africa.


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