Taste of the Spice

Rain forest with the monkeys | Mark sports bar (rum & spice) | Pearls old airport | Belmont estate | Sulphur spring | Concord waterfall

Duration 7-8 hours

 This is a full day experience of fun and adventure. Guests can choose to start journeying on the western sea course or through the hilly rainforest on the eastern corridor of the island. On the way to the rainforest, Mark’s Sports Bar is an exciting first stop, where guests get an opportunity to sample his much talked about rum punch and view his coveted spice garden. Grand Etang rainforest is a pure nature site. The lake, the Mona monkeys, and the natural surroundings are just some of the island’s indelible appeal. Our next stop is the then Pearl’s Airport. This airport once had aircrafts that serviced the region. Today, these old aircrafts are mere artifacts, with an abandoned air strip that serves as race tracks for sports cars fanatics on the weekend; or a hanging place for revelers. Let’s head over to St. Patrick to visit Belmont Estate; a great house owned and operated by the rich aristocrats. There you witness the detailed process in our local chocolate manufacturing. All processes are outlined; from harvesting cocoa pods to the drying of cocoa seeds to the final product. If you get hungry; the estate houses a restaurant with  some fine Caribbean cuisine among the island’s local menu. After digesting the tasty meal. The Sulphur Spring is a great cool down. Tourists indulge in sulphur messages and baths. The sulphur is said to have healing properties and health benefits. On the final leg of the tour, we visit  Concord waterfall in the parish of St. John to experience a downstream flow of water caught in the mountains down our rivers, into the water. All of which is a product of the rainforest at Grand Etang.

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