Spice of Nature Tour

Clarke’s court rum| De La Grenade industries | Lura Spice herb garden | waterfall | Fort Frederick

Duration: 4 – 5 hours
 This tour is a combination that explores parts of St. David and St. George. The Rum Distillery in Woodlands called Clark’s Court, is a great place to start. Guests can tour the factory, documenting the processes and stages needed to bring the run to the final product. Of course, sampling is allowed as well as the purchasing of any  display products. If you like the scent of and the beautiful aroma of flowers; let’s head to Laura Herbs and Spice Garden. Laura is located in the 3rd largest parish of St. David. The garden is filled with naturopathic medicines. The spices are a representation of the island’s rich spice culture that can be found in its cuisine.
From Laura, on route to St. George, De La Grenade Industries is worth a visit. This is another local manufacturer of nutmeg jams, jelly, nutmeg syrup and other delicacies. A brief tour is allowed along with sampling and purchases. As we approach the picturesque Town of St. George, we take a slight detour to Fort Frederick. This is one of Grenada’s historic sites. The breathtaking view this site produces of St. George’s and its cruise harbor is immaculate.

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