Experience Paradise

Spice Market| Fort Frederick | Concord waterfall Diamond | chocolate factory | Carib stone | Leapers hill | Welcome stones | Grand Etang lake

 Duration 7-8 hours

 This is another full day excursion that starts off in the Capital. Tourists get the opportunity to visit different attractions.

 The Spice Market in the Town of St. George, is a key stop. Guests can observe the display of the island’s spices. They can also interact and patronize the local spice vendors, by purchasing spices and other souvenirs. A drive to Fort Frederick is just minutes away. The site has history written all over it and produces a stunning view of St. George harbour. This expedition continues onto the parish of St. John experiencing the waterfall in Concord. As we continue to the parish of St. Mark, the home of Diamond Estate. We stop for a tour of the cocoa products at Diamond Chocolate Factory, to observe the processes. Yes, sampling is allowed and purchases are very much welcomed. Then we head to St. Patrick; a parish with a rich history of the indigenous people. You cannot visit St. Patrick without taking memories of the amerindian petroglyph. It is locally called the carib stone.

 A twenty minute drive to Sauteurs brings us to the memorial, known as Leaper Hill. The official story teaches that the Caribs leaped to their death to avoid being captured by the French army who had invaded the island. However, this position was heavily criticized by other historians and Caribbean journalists. Many of them gave a different account because the Caribs were a fierce tribe that never retreated. It is widely believed that it was a brutal massacre of guns fighting arrows. There are still a lot of grey areas, as history is written by the victor. Let’s journey along the northeastern corridor to Welcome Stone. This is a high mountain view of Lake Livera and Bathway beach; such a view is beyond amazing. In the distance, one can see Carriacou – our sister island among the grenadines. Also present is the merging of the Caribbean sea and the Atlantic ocean. As this tour climaxes, let’s travel over to St. Andrew – our largest parish, to the rainforest in Grand Etang. Tourists can enjoy a cool down with some eats and drinks. You can visit the lake or even take pictures with the Mona monkeys while embracing paradise.


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